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Beech toothbrush new in assortment

Sustainable, vegan, biodegradable - toothbrushes made of beech wood

In a time of growing environmental awareness, products made from sustainable natural materials are increasingly becoming the focus of users.

Bürstenmann, for example, has also expanded its range of dental care products to include a vegan beechwood toothbrush for adults. The FSC-certified beech wood from domestic forests convinces with excellent haptic properties, is available on short transport routes and is reliably biodegradable. Sustainability and environmental compatibility are also emphasized in the bristles. Bürstenmann uses bristles based on castor oil. The toothbrush is packaged in an attractive plastic-free folding box.

In terms of its usage properties, the beech wood toothbrush is in no way inferior to plastic toothbrushes - it fits perfectly in the hand and ensures optimum oral hygiene.

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