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 We’ve come a long way,

and have big plans for more.


Making a clean job of it since 1925

Initially, the prospects for manufacturing brushes were far from encouraging, since it was a business born from necessity. When the ore mining industry around Stützengrün declined, the local population had to seek alternative employment. Thanks to their endeavour, skill and perseverance, the cornerstone for our present-day success was laid.

Bürstenmann first put in an appearance in 1906 as a department within the 'Schönheider Konsumverein' (cooperative). In 1919, production was taken over by the 'Großeinkaufsgesellschaft Deutscher Consumvereine m.b.H'. They in turn founded the Bürstenmann company in 1925 with headquarters in Stützengrün, a location to which we still remain committed today. Since 1990, the sole shareholder has been Zentralkonsum eG.

We at Bürstenmann no longer regard ourselves as mere purveyors of brushes. Instead, we now offer a complete range of household goods and DIY products of around 1,600 individual items. Our intelligent products and effective marketing skills have made us into a major player on the European market.

One of our main strengths lies in the manufacture and sale of toothbrushes. In 2005 and 2011, we invested 4.3 million Euros in the construction of two new production facilities, which is yet another reason why we have been able to win over more and more customers for our products.

Time line


Foundation of the Bürstenfabrik in Stützengrün through the GEG cooperative


Part of the central cooperative of East German cooperative industries – Zentralkonsum eG


Reunification; Successful management of reorganising from a centrally planned market economy to a free market economy.


Reorganisation into a private limited company (PLC)


Continued toothbrush manufacturing in Joint Venture Denta Bross GmbH & Co. KG in Stützengrün


Renamed as the Bürstenmann GmbH


Construction of a new building for injection moulding and a new distribution centre.


Construction of a new production building and a new warehouse.


Construction of a new building for toothbrush manufacturing


Construction of a new building to optimise logistics and packaging processes for household goods.